A comparison of values in the cosby show and everybody loves raymond

For example, Seinfeld is a decidedly postmodern program featuring four unabashedly single Manhattanites; it is usually structured via short narrative segments, many self-reflexive in nature, that often interlock to form a tight yet complex whole; recurring themes include casual dating and sex, toilet habits, and political correctness. Conversely, Raymond is a conventional, middle-class family sitcom set in the suburbs; it employs a traditional, uncomplicated three-act structure; repeated topics include sexless marriages, in-law troubles, and sibling rivalry. For instance, both sitcoms center on fortysomething stand-up comedians from New York who lack acting experience and whose comedy is grounded in the mundane observations of daily life. Rather, I propose that so many Americans embraced Everybody Loves Raymond because it repositioned yet sustained the qualities that viewers for better or worse appreciated in Seinfeld:

A comparison of values in the cosby show and everybody loves raymond

It was meant to tell stories from the point of view of Ray's younger brother Robert, who always felt that Sugar Ray was favored over him by not just his parentsbut the rest of New York City and the whole damn world.

For the most part, Everybody Hates Raymond was the same as its reincarnation. Everyone was still to favor Sugar Ray, but there were a few changes in the cast.

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Sugar Ray's children would die, along with their grandfather Sugar Ray's and Robert's father in a car accident early in the show, because, according to the show's creator, Philip Rosenthal, "neither the old man nor the kids amounted to much from a dramatic point of view; little of the comedysuch as it was, involved them; and they couldn't act.

In Everybody Loves Raymond, Robert achieved success only at work, where his courage and competence as a law enforcement officer enabled him to become a captain on the police force, despite his having been gored in the ass by a runaway bull. To perform his work as a sportswriter, Sugar Ray would constantly have had to interrupt his brother's life, barging in unannounced while Robert and Amy were were having trying to have sex, asking them to turn down their television set because he was trying to write, inviting himself to have breakfast or lunch with them during a break in his writing, accusing them of causing him to experience writer's block, and, in general, making a nuisance of himself and putting Robert and Amy through hell.

Although Bill Cosby loved the pilot and recommended that the series be produced, he was outvoted by Rosenthal, owner of the show's production company Worldwide Pants.

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Surprisingly, the pilot was an instant hit upon being aired, partly due to guest appearances from popstars Vanilla Ice and Ice Cube it should be noted that the two are not related.

The second episode was almost as successful as the first. The success of these first two episodes brought a respectable cash flow to the cast and creators of the show.

However, the sudden rush to stardom threatened the secret identity of Aging Jewish Comedian, and he soon stopped turning up to the writing sessions with Ray Romano.

The quality of the show's scripts dropped dramatically, and when the third episode was aired, the ratings hit an all-time low, placing last behind disasters like The Cosby Show and Friends.

A comparison of values in the cosby show and everybody loves raymond

Inthe show was cancelled due to President George W. Bush wanting American television to "shed olds relic [sic] from the '90s. It has received a number of television awards, including a Grammy and an Oscarearning it a high status amongst the worshippers of daytime television.

It was also given the special I-Talians in the media award for a "fair, more accurate and non- stereotype potrayal of Italians on television" from the Italo-Americano Anti-Defamation league.

A comparison of values in the cosby show and everybody loves raymond

The show also received criticism, however. He makes George Lopez's show look funny.HBO released the Complete Series of Everybody Loves Raymond on DVD in Regions 1, 2 and 4.

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Region 4 Complete Box Set was released on August 13, Region 4 . Cosby, 66, is the second recipient of the award given by the academy in honor of Hope, who died in July at age Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey received the inaugural award last year.

Dec 01,  · For ''Everybody Loves Raymond,'' the route to Hollywood Hills began in Forest Hills, where Ray Romano, a standup comedian and the star of the show, grew up.

"Everybody Loves Raymond" turns all those '50s comedies on their heads. It's not the Donna Reed Show, not Leave it to Beaver, not Father Knows best.

It's family life with all its good points and bad, all the love and frustration, and all the individual foibles.

Cosby Show, Roseanne, Everybody Loves Raymond were shows, like All in the Family, that debunked and destroy the traditional family archetype by showing overweight actors, children becoming the target of parent jokes, and more realistic families. Everybody Loves Raymond is an American sitcom television series created by Philip Rosenthal that aired on CBS from September 13, , to May 16, , with a No.

of episodes: (list of episodes).

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