Accident and a hazard children and young people essay

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Accident and a hazard children and young people essay

Kabwe was considered as one of the richest and largest land mines in Africa during the early part of the 20th Century because of the discovery of lead deposits in the area. As a result, mines were built and the people of Kabwe flocked to these mines. The result was a catastrophe for the people of Kabwe.

Since the mine started its operation, thousands of children and adults have been dying because of lead poisoning.

The incidences of mental retardation, meningitis, and infertility in the town have reached alarming proportions. What makes the situation worse is the lack of adequate intervention by the government in addressing this situation.

There is no effort by the government to relocate or to help people change their means of livelihood. Likewise there is no help coming from other stakeholders such as the private agencies. It bears stressing that it was only in last few years that the Kabwe Environmental and Rehabilitation Foundation had taken steps to educate the people of the dangers of lead poisoning.

The problem is further complicated by the fact that the people of Kabwe have no other sources of living except by scavenging from the open quarries and old dump sites to look for metals, coal and zinc.

Accident and a hazard children and young people essay

The poor nutrition also exacerbates the condition, making treatment more difficult, and increasing the effects of lead absorption. The people cannot abandon their only means of livelihood despite the dangers involved because there are no alternatives being provided by the government.

The people cannot leave their houses because there is no relocation effort and they have no other places to go to. The excessive attention and funds dedicated to the economic development and infrastructure projects have depleted the resources that should also be allocated to environmental concerns.

Allocations in the budgets of developing countries are almost always concentrated on the control of the spread of communicable and infectious diseases totally forgetting the impact of lead poisoning in the lives of their people.

Accident and a hazard children and young people essay

It is sad to say that this problem is not properly addressed in developing countries. This lack of clear policy on environmental issues exists because of the excessive attention given to the economic development and infrastructure projects in developing country.

Though these programs on improvement of the economy are important in the advancement of a developing country, environmental problems pose a significant obstacle to this goal. It is therefore important for developing countries to address these environmental issues simultaneously with its other policies and programs.

Sources of Lead Poisoning One way stopping or controlling the problem of lead poisoning is to understand where it is coming from. Sources of lead poisoning have been reported to exist in both developed and developing countries. What is most noteworthy, however, is that despite the existence of high risk of exposure lead poisoning, these countries differ in their response to this problem.

One major source of lead poisoning in developing countries is the inhalation of vehicle fumes from cars which use leaded gasoline. It has been reported that around the world, aboutpeople die every year through illnesses linked to exhaust fumes and industrial smog which engulf many cities of the Third World.

Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, n. This is the reason why some countries are not finding the use of leaded gasoline a major source of concern. The second source of lead poisoning happens right in the comfort of our own home. At home, one of the major sources of lead poisoning is deteriorated lead paints.

There was a time when lead was added as an ingredient in making paints as it helped the paint dry more quickly and lead gave it a glossy and harder finishing. It was not until the 20th Century that the danger of lead in household paint was recognized.

It was immediately banned in Australia in and by international convention in It was not until that a statute was passed banning lead in household paint. Children are the ones more exposed to lead poisoning by means of lead paints since they have the tendency to take in their mouths foreign objects.

Whey they crawl on the floor and they immediately spot an object their natural reaction is to put these things inside their mouths. It is possible that the objects they take inside their mouth are paint chips that peel from the walls or roofs or the lead-laden dust from the deteriorating lead paint.

They also have the tendency to bite and suck on the painted window sills of their house as they look outside. The third source of lead poisoning is the drinking water people drink inside their own home.

Research shows that the use of lead pipes, brass plumbing with lead can cause a chemical reaction releasing lead into the tap water. The fourth source of lead poisoning is the imported canned food.

It has been the practice of manufacturers of canned goods outside United States may use lead solders in its processing of its canned goods. These canned goods are then sold in various markets, usually by door to door vendors.

Role of Government in Controlling the Problem of Lead Poisoning The government plays a very important role in controlling the adverse affects brought about by exposure to lead. Its most important role is in raising the public awareness of the dangers of exposure to lead.Young people at work When employing a young person under the age of 18, whether for work, work experience, or as an apprentice, employers have the same responsibilities for their health, safety and welfare as they do for other employees.

´╗┐Support Children and Young People's Health and Safety This essay will provide knowledge and understanding of supporting children and young people's health and safety. In my placement there are many policies regarding health and safety when working with children. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Learning Objective Safety in any operation works best if the person or people in charge take a leading role in managing safety and health.

Ask participants to identify Children and visitors hazards they have identified. News Articles. We publish a variety of news stories and press releases to keep you informed about Red Cross activities, from the ways we deliver on our mission, to the impact of our work on everyday lives.

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For children and young people, accidents are the greatest threat to life. Advice tips can be found under headings 'Safety advice for carers of young children', 'Home accident prevention' and 'Road accident prevention advice', below. Hot bath water is responsible for the highest number of fatal and severe scalding injuries among young children, so when running a bath, turn the cold water on first and always test the water temperature with your elbow before letting a child get into the bath or shower.

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