Girl who wrote thesis at duke

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Girl who wrote thesis at duke

Not just randoms either; a lot of media came to me for comment. I usually ignore media requests for commentary much to the frustration of my PR guy, Jeff Chassenbut when Nightline asked me to do an extensive interview about it, I agreed, because I figured this would be a perfect way to get my thoughts on record without having to spend the time writing out something long and exhaustive.

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They filmed a 30 minute interview with me, 25 about Karen Owens and 5 minutes about the general college sexual experience.

So during a long plane flight I wrote out my basic thoughts: The Duke Fuck List was not written for public consumption: This is the most important thing to remember, and it should color every piece of analysis on this subject: She did NOT intend this list for public consumption and did not ask for this attention.

These are her most private thoughts that were written with an audience of her closest friends in mind. We are reading her diary. Just put yourself in her position: What if someone published your diary, against your wishes?

Or printed the lewd conversations you have with your best friends? You know what would happen? We all make mistakes. Why do you think she did that?

Girl who wrote thesis at duke

She did not do this on purpose, and she is freaking the fuck out over the reaction to it. Not many people can handle the spotlight searing into them at full blast. You have to be either very emotionally strong, or crazy, to be able to endure the abuse you have to take when the focus of the world goes onto you.

So before you say anything about her—good or bad—remember that you are evaluating a person based on their private diary that was published without permission.

Girl who wrote thesis at duke

All the negative media commentary about her is bullshit: The first reaction I saw was people calling her a whore, and yelling about how she represents everything wrong with society and women and all sorts of other bullshit.

I mean, come on. She fucked 13 Duke athletes over 4 years of college. I went to Duke for law school and fucked a bunch of undergrad girls when I was there and she seems pretty average for a socially active girl at Duke.

This behavior is very normal. People have been fucking and sucking and doing debaucherous shit since ancient Rome. How many fundamentalist preachers and anti-gay Senators have to get caught fucking men before people understand that the ones who most oppose something in public are usually guilty of it in private?

Karen Owens is not an empowered woman: Surely only a dumb sorority girl looking for justification for all the dicks she sucked last weekend would think that. Then I saw it over and over again…and realized people were serious. I will explain to you what is really going in the simplest terms possible: To most of the guys on her list, Karen Owens was nothing more than life support for a vagina.

And that is exactly what she did: Make herself easy and accessible to the guys on her list. I mean, look at how she describes meeting one: Hardly even had a conversation. For a high status guy who gets lots of girls—e. She tried to make it sound like she was using these guys for her experiment, but that was only the explanation she tacked onto her actions afterwards.

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The best evidence of that is her words: They see her as nothing more than a cum-dumpster. Pour beer down her throat for two hours, her legs open, shoot your load, and move on. Go look at the actual scores: Pretty much all the rest used her like a dishrag and tossed her out, and she subconsciously graded them lower because of it.

What do you think that means when the lowest score goes to the guy who treats her like a hooker, and the highest goes to the one who treats her like a human?David Foster Wallace (–) wrote what would become his first novel, The Broom of the System, as his senior English thesis at Amherst received an MFA from the University of Arizona in and briefly pursued graduate work in philosophy at Harvard.

His second novel, Infinite Jest, was published in Wallace taught creative writing at Emerson College, Illinois State. The Other Boleyn Girl has , ratings and 16, reviews. Madeline said: Some people (read: uptight history nerds with nothing better to do) like to.

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Theses and Dissertations As you prepare your final master’s thesis or PhD dissertation, it is vital that you follow all of The Graduate School’s policies and procedures to ensure that the publication of your research adheres to Duke University guidelines.

Karens Owens and “The Duke Fuck List” Maddox’s original “I am better than your kids” post, and Karen Owen’s mock thesis, known as “The Duke Fuck List.

Anyone remember Jackie Kim, the girl who wrote the email to her friend about how she was evaluating a guy she went on a date with? People freaked out. Oct 07,  · A Duke student's risque PowerPoint has firmly implanted itself in the annals of legendary internet stories for generations to come.

Karen F. Owen, a Duke grad, composed an in-depth, thesis. CNBC star bios, and other news personalities (Sources:, other cable networks online, municipal real estate records, official sources online, Wikipedia, plus information presented on CNBC and other cable television; others where noted.).

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