How to build a snowman writing activity free

January 8, Roll-A-Snowman game with printable Last weekend, the "cousins" got together for a post Christmas celebration. I wanted to plan a few little activities for them so they would have fun without too much chaos 8 kids between the ages of 2 and 10 can quickly get pretty wild! I've seen the idea for this roll-a-snowman game in several places, but none of them were exactly what I wanted.

How to build a snowman writing activity free

Last Wednesday morning, we woke to about 2 inches of snow on our front lawn and that is when the excitement began. My boys were ecstatic and wanted to stay home from school to play in the snow.

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Of course, we had to go to school and I knew that once there, my first graders would be just as thrilled. I decided to put aside my carefully planned activities for the morning and quickly created the necessary pieces for the students to do some snowy writing.

I came up with a writing activity called, How to Build a Snowman. My students had so much fun with this activity and learned a great deal about writing directions.

In this case, the students all drew the steps for building a snowman first. The nice thing about this activity was that it was adaptable for all learning levels and at the same time allowed all the children to be creative and share their directions for building a snowman.

Make it more challenging by… Show them how to add more boxes then, next etc to make their directions more complete Show them how to additional information to each step for greater detail Leave out the words first, next, finally and have students simply write their instructions in their own way as long as it stays true to the assignment and makes sense.

Make it easier by… Writing the words first, next, then and finally for the students Have them cut out the words first, next finally etc and glue it on to the writing paper Provide a word bank of snowman building words for them to use while writing Simplify the exercise to only first, next and finally After all was said and done, this was a wonderful writing and learning experience for all the students.

I wanted to share this with you all so I spiffed it up a bit and made it look pretty. If you like it and are interested in having a copy for yourself or your class, click the following link for details about purchase.Find fun Disney-inspired art and craft ideas for kids of all ages—including holiday and seasonal crafts, decorations, and more.

Find fun activity ideas in the calendar below for the senior men in your nursing facility that you can easily add to your facility's activity calendar. Alex is a Kindergarten teacher with a passion for making learning fun and engaging, and is also the founder of The Kindergarten Connection. She's earned a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education, and Masters Degrees in Special Education and Curriculum Design.

On the organizer, there should be a place for an opening paragraph, a materials paragraph, a paragraph explaining how to make the snowman, a paragraph for how to decorate the snowman, and a place for a closing paragraph. Before the students begin their writing, the teacher should model how to write a “How to ” paper.

how to build a snowman writing activity free

How to Build a Snowman Writing Activity! Subject. English Language Arts, Writing-Expository, Winter. Grade Levels. Kindergarten, 1 st, 2 nd, Homeschool.

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how to build a snowman writing activity free
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