Legal requirements business plan

Contracts When you agree to do a job in exchange for money or some other benefit, you are probably entering into a commercial contract. This covers how a business handles personal information, especially for direct marketing purposes. There are legal risks associated with harassment and bullying in the workplace.

Legal requirements business plan

As with the previous article, I went straight to the source to inquire exactly what we should be concerned about. Naturally my lawyer friend, Eddie M. Pope, began by stating that this is not legal advice, per se, and if you have detailed questions, you should consult a lawyer.

Gee, I wonder why he said that. All kidding aside, this article is intended as a brief overview for the layperson on what is legal fact, what is fiction, and what lives in the gray area in between the two.

As best I can tell as a non-lawyer, there are certainly many honest-to-goodness laws that mandate having a plan. Having said that, it is also my experience as a businessman that people tend to embellish.

legal requirements business plan

The aforementioned Eddie Pope, who is incidentally a co-author on my new book, was researching a chapter he wrote on legal requirements for a plan. It is the most awesome book on disaster recovery planning since Noah and the Great Flood.

Look for publication this summer! Eddie found several citations on the Web that said defense contractors must have a disaster recovery plan.

That seems to make sense on the surface. I have published a lot over the last couple years about how disaster recovery activity 30 years ago in the military is now "fashionable" with what is going on today commercially.

Set in that context, the idea that the DOD must have a plan has to be true, right? In fact, however, when my co-author tried to find a bona fide law, rule, or regulation that actually stated this fact, there was nothing to be found. If your management thinks it is true, this could seriously jeopardize your credibility and set back your planning effort severely.

Besides Sarbanes-Oxley, the law keeps changing.

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Even if you are a lawyer, there is no way to easily or accurately keep up with all the changes. Even if you try, legal semantics and terminology come into play. There is a myriad of terms in law and industry that might apply to different cases.

For example, this series of articles discusses "disaster recovery planning. If a law or a regulation includes a term of art akin to any of these, or even one not even mentioned above, it could still apply to your business. Is this confusing enough for you yet?

In other words, every bank, savings and loan, credit union, and other financial institution is governed by the principles adopted by the Council.Nov 02,  · Have to write a business plan for my SEO business, all going well until I get to a legal requirements section, this is something I have never thought about before, I have clients currently and everything is just done through paypal.

Small Business Plan Pricing Our plans offer the most complete and affordable legal assistance available. Whether you have 10, 50, or employees, we’ve got your back. You must consider your legal requirements when starting your business.

If you do not follow legislative requirements and regulations, your business can face serious penalties. A range of legal requirements may affect your business. Dec 13,  · Simply put, your business is a sole proprietorship if you don’t create a separate legal entity for it.

This is true whether you operate it in your own name, or under a trade name. If it isn’t your own name, then you register a company name as a “Fictitious Business Name,” also called a DBA (“Doing Business As”)/5(16). Anthony L.G., PLLC. A Corporate Law Firm.

Laura Anthony, Esq. The ALG legal team focuses on Nasdaq, NYSE, OTCQX. A business plan is all conceptual until you start filling in the numbers and terms. The sections about your marketing plan and strategy are interesting to read, but they don't mean a thing if you.

legal requirements business plan
Legal Requirements