Massage essay

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Massage essay

Many Americans suffer from emotional and psychological disorders brought on by the everyday challenges of life.

Some common disorders which include anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic pain are brought on by prolonged stress. Pain and stress are not good or bad. A stressful situation, whether it is a long awaited promotion at work or death of a loved one, can cause multiple imbalances that, if prolonged, will result in disorders.

Massage therapy does have a positive effect on the emotional and psychological Massage essay of a client. Massage therapy has been a respected form of medicine for more than 3, years.

It was held in high value in ancient Chinese and Japanese cultures, then spread through Europe and became an adopted practice for many Greeks and Romans as a treatment for stiff muscles and some diseases. The value of massage declined over the centuries.

As Western medicine became prominent, the value of massage therapy was reduced to pure luxury for the wealthy, with only temporary relaxation effects. This was the beginning of the quick fix era. Today massage therapy is considered alternative to pharmaceuticals rather than vice versa.

Massage essay

There are still many skeptics who minimize the benefits of massage to simply relaxation and view it as unnecessary. However, many others are beginning to realize the true potential of therapeutic massage.

Massage essay

When done correctly and regularly, a client will come to realize minimized pain, mind clarity and more mobility. Massage therapy is soft tissue manipulation for healing purposes.

Massage promotes blood and lymph circulation, relaxes muscles, relieves pain and restores balance. This can be done through a variety of styles. While massage incorporates many different techniques, the three main modalities are Swedish, deep tissue and therapeutic.

Swedish massage promotes circulation and relaxation using light touch. It is most commonly known and used, which is why people do not see any other therapeutic benefits. Deep tissue has more benefit, however it is not utilized or offered as often due to the extent of treatment.

It is important to listen to the warning signs provided by the body. The human body is an intricate and interrelated organism.

If the stimulus is consistent and unresolved, it will manifest itself on a conscious level as pain. A stressor can be a positive or negative life experience.The Benefits of Massage Therapy Essay Sample. Massage can be defined as a systematic and scientific manipulation of soft tissues of the body for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining good health.

Free Essay: Another argument that has been among people against massage therapy is that massage is not of any use in medical terms, it is just brought. Massage modalities have been around since ancient times and have evolved with the recognition that touch combined with the natural defense and healing processes of the body is a restorative, maintenance and preventative treatment that counters the wear and tear effects of strenuous physical activity involved in day to day life.

The Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Massage Therapy. Massage therapy is an ancient type of medicine that has been used to treat musculoskeletal problems and as a way to relax the body.

Massage Therapy and Headaches Essay - What is massage therapy. There are two separate ways to approach massage therapy, from an eastern medicine perspective it is based more on energy within the body and holistic healing, whereas in western medicine it .

Massage Therapy Essay Words | 10 Pages. Massage Therapy An Introduction to Massage Therapy In the past, massage therapy has carried the description of a luxury or even of a phony form of treatment, if a treatment at all.

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