Nightly business report january 26 2016 jet

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Nightly business report january 26 2016 jet

Dave Janda says Trump is working on draining the swamp in Washington D. I believe it will happen. Bob says when you are taking down a huge organization.

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When we are talking about people like the Clintons, Obama, the Bush family and Soros, we are talking about middle-level people. These are puppets of the globalist syndicate.

These people are in the Rothschild and Rockefeller axis. In order for our country to get back on its feet, taking down the Clintons, Obama and Soros is not enough because that creature will come back to life again.

nightly business report january 26 2016 jet

They need to take down the entities above those middle-level players. It might take many more months for that creature to be obliterated. These people are juniors when it comes to being criminals.

Yes, they participated in criminal activity. They wanted more control and more money, but these people are not hardened criminals. They will bring as many people they need to bring down to save themselves.


None of these, at this point, can trust each other. The ultimate goal it is to take this up to a level to take out the Obamas, Clintons, Bush family and Soros, and then apply the necessary pressure to go to the top. Congress has copies, and it outlines and proves fraud and criminal activity at the FBI and Department of Justice.

nightly business report january 26 2016 jet

It will likely be the foundation that sends many in high office in both departments to jail for their crimes. This is why they are so petrified of that report.

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All these players—low, middle and high—took over the system to the point where the rules of justice could be directed toward their opponents and be blinded to their criminal activity. What scares the living daylights out of this syndicate is the restoration of the rule of law.

When there is a full restoration of the rule of law, I believe this is what blows this system apart—this globalist syndicate system. Dave Janda in depth from the Operation Freedom radio show. There is free information and interviews at DaveJanda. If you want to support Operation Freedom, and keep it on the air, go to the upper right hand corner of Dave Janda.

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