Objective of mgnrega

Keeping in mind this need the act was launched. The impact of NREGA ahs been fine in some places whole in the other places the response has been huge.

Objective of mgnrega

Objective of mgnrega

The court, while noting that the Centre has admitted delay in payment of wages, said the payments to the workers must be transferred to them immediately, failing which the prescribed compensation would have to be paid. The top court said that under the Act, a worker was entitled to get his or her due wages within a fortnight of completion of work and if there was any administrative inefficiency or laxity, it was entirely for the state governments and the Ministry of Rural Development to sort out the problem.

A bench of Justices Madan B Lokur and N V Ramana said the burden of compliance of provisions of the Act was on the state governments, Union Territory administrations and the Centre and "one entity cannot pass on the burden to another or vice versa".

The bench said, "notwithstanding the large number of pay orders, we are afraid delays are simply not acceptable," and added that "bureaucratic delays or red tape cannot be pedalled as an excuse to deny payment of wages to the workers.

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It said though the Centre has said that there was some improvement in payment of wages to workers, it was not enough. The top court also dealt with the other issues raised by petitioner NGO Swaraj Abhiyan, including reduction in person days through approved labour budget, agreed to labour budget and cap on funds.

The court said the Centre was statutorily empowered to scrutinise and assess the funds to be released to states and UTs under the Act and there was nothing objectionable in having approved labour budget.

On the issue of capping of funds, the bench said that no state has raised any objection that it has not received the adequate funds for implementation of the scheme. The bench, while dealing with the Centre's submission that securing funds for implementation of the Act was the responsibility of states, said that this "bottleneck" must be addressed and left it open to Ministry of Rural Development to find a solution.

It stressed on having meaningful discussions while approving or finalising the labour budget as several states and union territories have exceeded the expenditure postulated by the agreed to labour budget. The NGO had earlier argued that the Centre cannot cap the funds under the Act which provides for days of employment per family per year.

The Centre had countered the claims saying there was no instance where it has either capped the number of days of employment under the Act or not released funds to the states.

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Click this link and hit 'Click to Subscribe'. Follow the instructions after that.The Planning Commission of India said that the objective of the MGNREGA is” to enhance the livelihood security of the people in rural areas by guaranteeing days of wage employment in a financial year to a rural household whose members volunteer to do unskilled manual work.

MGNREGA Public Data Portal Aim of MNREGA The popular NREGA OR Nationwide Non-urban Career Assurance Act is designed at improving the income protection of the people in rural areas by ensuring hundred days of salary occupation in a financial year, to a rural family whose associates offer to do inexperienced guide work.

The objective is to ensure livelihood and food security by providing unskilled work to people through creation of sustainable assets. The Study mainly concentrated on to study the Performance and progress of MGNREGA in the study area. to. Decentralized participatory planning of schemes for enhancing livelihoods, managing natural resources and improving basic infrastructure in rural areas through MGNREGA was the prime objective of .

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The primary objective of the Act is to strengthen the rural livelihood by creating durable assets and by providing employment. Since its implantation in the FY there has been many works.

MGNREGA: Aims and Objectives: The “Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act”, MGNREGA,is an Indian labour law and social security measure that aims to guarantee the ‘right to work’.

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